Church Ministries

Our ministries are offered to provide opportunities for our parishioners and the community to develop a greater knowledge and closer relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and a better understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit, that very special gift that God gave to each of us.

Please check out the various ministries. If you have an interest in any of them, please contact us and we will assist you in becoming a part of what St. James Lutheran has to offer.

Come and See!

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the foundation of our life in Christ and therefore our foundation as the body of Christ, his church. There are many opportunities to share in prayer, to learn about prayer, to be part of the prayer chain ministry, to teach prayer, to bless others with our prayers.

Intercessory Prayer

There are several groups that consider prayer the centerpiece of their activities. The Thursday morning Bible study group as well as the Adult Class on Sunday morning have intercessory prayer before they begin their study and at the end. Names of congregational members as well as family, friends and community members may be added to this list.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

We have a Prayer Shawl Ministry (See Prayer Shawl Ministry below) that blesses and prays for al who receive shawls.

Prayer Requests

There is a Prayer request box in the narthex on the table. Anyone at any time can put a request in the box and the pastors will include it in their prayers for worship or as appropriate. You may also select "Prayer Concerns" on this web-site and submit your prayer request to us.

St. James Prayer Chain

"Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests." Ephesians 6:18

That is the theme verse for the St. James Prayer Chain. There currently are approximately twenty people in four telephone "chains". They send special prayers to our Lord when requested, and are available to anyone who feels the need for prayer.

Anyone is invited to become involved with this group. You would be added to a telephone chain, and when you receive a call, would be expected to devote time to pray for the person about whom you were called. If you would like to join the group, call Siena Feltus, 267-2242.


Probably the most active group at St. James, the women associated with this group serve the Lord in many ways. Activities include helping with bingo at the Allison Care Center, visiting shut-ins, serving dinners and luncheons as needed for the service or our Lord, sewing for missions, providing scholarships for college and for Bible camp, and any other need or concern brought to the attention of the group.

Fund raisers are held to finance their mission projects. Many of these fund-raises are annual events. They include a bake sale in April, Allison Days lunch stand in August, and an annual bazaar and luncheon in September.

Scholarships are rewarded each year. In 2005, seven high school graduates who are members of St. James received scholarships. In 2005 WELCA also contributed toward a registration fee for a member to attend a retreat through Christian Crusaders, $600 toward Bible Camp Scholarships, initial start-up costs for the Alpha course, and many other mission projects. Approximately $2000 was expended toward mission projects during the past year.

A group of faithful ladies sew and tie quilts the months of October through April. From this loving work, many quilts are sent to needy people all over the world each year.

The annual Senior Citizens Dinner is always a success. Members of W-ELCA cook and serve the dinner (see Outreach section of this web-site).

W-ELCA serve lunches at funerals, as requested.

All of the W-ELCA projects are successful only because of the food, work, donations, and organizing by the faithful women of St. James. If you wish to become an active member of W-ELCA, either call the church office or join us at one of our circle meetings held the first Wednesday morning of each month at 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. You will enjoy an inspiring Bible study along with a brief business meeting and lunch. Please join us.

Visiting for May & June
Joyce Fecht          Annie Rieken
      Jean Folkerts        Roberta Wiegmann
      Robin Morton        Lois Koester
      Bonnie Graser       Ruth Feltus

Funeral Committee for May - August
Georgette Bauman
     Bonnie Graser
     Robin Morton
Thelma Wiegmann
     Norma Klingbeil

Alpha Course

Alpha is a non-denominational Bible course that is "pure Bible" and is presented in all types of Christian churches across America and around the World. It was started in Brompton, England many years ago and is now published in 25 languages. Although it appears very basic, it definitely enhanced the faith of those from St. James who took our first course.

Our first Alpha Course was held the fal of 2005l and would have to be considered a huge success. We had hoped to have twelve people, but ended up with thirty. We are grateful for the dedication of the Alpha Team members and the guests.

The Alpha Course is a twelve-week course which is generally held the same day every week. The sessions start with a meal followed by a study period and then a break-out session for group discussion about the lesson for that day. There is one full day, usually a Saturday, that is called "Holy Spirit Day". On that day we focus on the gift of the Holy Spirit and how we can utilize that gift.

Some of the comments from the first session were: "I feel my faith has been strengthened", "I was encouraged & strengthened", "I feel the Holy Spirit has strengthened me and I am much happier", "I feel I got what I expected and more". After ten weeks of three hours each and a full day, we had comments like "Is it over already?", "I wish we could keep going", and "Some nights we could have gone longer". We received no negative comments. From this I think you can determine the success of the Course.

Alpha is an ongoing program that will be held twice a year. Schedules will be posted on the Home page of this web-site. If you wish to register, contact Norma Klingbeil at 267-2109 or by e-mail either to Norma at or the church at

Scheduled Courses

We offer two courses each year. Watch the "Did You Know" section on the home page of this website or the Calendar for our next course.

Youth Ministry

Youth ministries includes many groups and activities for students of High School age. Their activities include:

Serving snacks and beverages at the January Annual Meeting.

The Annual Valentine's Supper, served in February. They also provide entertainment at this event.

Easter Sunrise Breakfast is served in March by the youth group following sunrise worship service.

In April there is spring ditch cleaning and and evening of bowling and pizza.

The Christmas Eve worship service is always a highlight of the Luther League activities. They produce an outstanding program depicting the events of the first Christmas along with music and a candlelight service.

Tape Ministry

LeRoy Dralle has been audio taping worship services at St. James for many years. Following each service, he makes copies of the tape and delivers them, along with a bulletin to elderly and shut-in members of our church. He has expressed that this ministry is as rewarding to him as it is to those who enjoy his services.

Thank you LeRoy.

If you wish to be added to the tape ministry list, please contact the church at 267-2274 or send an e-mail to

Bible Study

When God created us he had a plan for how to have a relationship with Him that would make our lives satisfying, peaceful and contented. All too often we fail to read His Word to find out what His plan is. At St. James we offer Sunday School classes for all ages starting at three years old. We encourage daily Bible study in the privacy of our own homes and also corporate Bible study (with others). Please join us.

Sunday School

Our Board of Education diligently works toward providing Sunday classes along with material for children from three years old through high school age. They, along with input from the Sunday school teachers, select materials. They make sure that Sunday school teachers are recruited, as are the leaders of music for the children and youth.

Adult Bible Class

This has been a long-established group of adults who meet in the kitchen of the Educaitonal Unit every Sunday after worship services. Donna DeBower leads the group. Courses of study are selected and the group functions through teaching as well as open discussion. All studies are centered on Biblical themes and materials. Prayers for shut-ins, Sunday school children and the ill are an important part of this group's classes.

Adult Sunday school meets year around and all are welcome. Please join us following church services in the kitchen of the Ed Unit.

Adult Forums

There are adult forums during the Sunday School hour. Some of the topics we have studied are: Hope for Rural Congregations, a class on Parenting, and one on Reconciling Differences. Please join us Sundays following worship services in the room just to the left of the altar.

Thursday Morning Bible Study

On Thursday mornings, a group meets at 9:30 AM in the kitchen for an in-depth Bible study. They are currently studying the book of Acts. The only materials used is the Bible. Several translations are used for comparison and clarification. Come and join us for prayer, praise, fellowship and Bible study. All are welcome.

Companions in Christ

This group is in answer to a request for a class as a result of the Alpha Course. This class is designed a great deal like Alpha in that it is a group interaction. You do not have to be an "Alpha graduate" to attend this class. It is open to everyone. We meet on Monday afternoons at 1:30 PM. There is some reading to do before each class. If you wish to join us, pick up the next week's materials on the table in the entry to the Ed. Unit.


W-ELCA (women's stewardship group) includes Bible Study in its meetings (See W-ELCA under ministries).

The Alpha Course

This a course for training in Bible Study and Christian Living. It is 12 weeks long and offered twice a year. (Watch the calendar or "What's New" section of this website. Also refer to "The Alpha Course" under the Ministries section of this website.)


Children's Choirs

Children's choirs rehearse each Sunday between Worship and Sunday School. Their rehearsals are in preparation for choirs on various Sunday's throughout the year and also for Christmas Programs.

Adult Choir

Adult Choir meets once a month (usually on a Wednesday evening) and provides special music for church on the Sunday following the practice. This group is for all ages high school and above. All who enjoy singing are invited to attend. Watch the calendar for rehearsal and performance dates.

Special Music at Church Services

Special music is desirable at all church services and anyone desiring to provide that is welcome. It can be a solo, a small group, singing or instrumental. If you would like to provide special music, please contact the church office.

Christmas Caroling

Each year, a couple of weeks before Christmas, we go Christmas Caroling to local shut-ins and elderly. We start out at the Allison Care Center and Elm Springs and continue from there. Anyone who is interested in joining us is welcome. It is one of the many times when the service you offer is returned many-fold. The joy it brings the recipients and the givers cannot be measured in words. A fellowship time follows caroling.

Prayer Shawl

In May of 2005, six members of St. James met to consider starting a Prayer Shawl Ministry. After attending the Women's Conference in June and seeing the shawls made by other congregations, we really got excited about the possibilities for our church. We were off and running!

Now there are approximately twelve people who knit or crochet shawls. We have given away over 50 shawls as of May 1, 2006. Young and old alike have received the shawls and been blessed by them. Currently we meet monthly to knit, crochet and pray. Usually this meeting is at the church, but on occasion we have met in homes.

So far we have been gifted by individuals with $230 for the purchase of yarn. Or, individuals buy their own yarn with a specific project in mind for a specific person. These gifts of time and money are treasured! Thank you to all who participants in this important ministry.

Anyone is welcome to join our group, or to knit shawls on your own time and bring them to the church to be blessed! There is no cost involved, unless you wish to purchase your own yarn. Yarn is available at the church.

Shawls have been given as a symbol of healing, to strengthen the weary and grieving, at the start of a new marriage, as a sign of the love of the congregation and the wishes and prayers that attend them. If you know of someone who would benefit by the gift of a shawl, call Pastor Ruth Ann or pick one up yourself and bring it to your friend or family member in need. If you wish to give it to the person yourself, please let us know who it is for and why you wish to give it to them. We like to keep track of where the shawls go, and we like to pray for the ones who receive them.

Children's Ministry

Our children are a vital part of our church family. We offer many opportunities for children to participate in learning, fellowship, play and music including the following:

Cradle Roll
Sunday School
Children's Choirs
Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School - July 7-11, 2008
This is how some of the children came.

Vacation Bible School - July 7-11, 2008
And they were welcomed with a friendly smile of Robin.

Vacation Bible School - July 7-11, 2008
Preschool puppet story time with Pastor Jeff and Pastor Ruth Ann.

Vacation Bible School - July 7-11, 2008
Program night with families.

Vacation Bible School - July 7-11, 2008
Arts and crafts time for the bigger kids.

Vacation Bible School - July 7-11, 2008
Preschool playing outside with a parachute!

Vacation Bible School - July 7-11, 2008
Preschool songs on program night.

Altar Guild

The 26 current members each serve one month, taking care of the chancel and furnishings, communion ware, linens, acolyte and communion robes, candles, and baptismal napkins. They are also responsible for taking care of the altar flowers and making sure they are properly placed in the Chancel area.

Current members are Shirley Burma, chairperson, Deb Hummel, Linda Thoreson, Glenda Miller, Pam Folkerts, Georgene Clark, Shirley Burma, Richard and Jean Folkerts, Madelene Pothast, Ann Schrage, Ann Chinander, Kathy Fisher, Joyce Fecht, Audrey Freesemann, Donis Dralle, Kim Schrage, Connie Wix, Bethani Wix, Deb Uhlenhopp, Thelma Wiegmann, Barbara Franken, Bonnie Dralle, Wayne and Roberta Wiegmann, Crystol Cordes and Norma Klingbeil.

Anyone wishing to serve on the Altar guild please call the church office (267-2274) or Shirley Burma (267-2269).